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"Loved your session, very thought provoking. I'm inspired to unburden my busy life!"


Helen, KPMG

I inspire people to overcome the busyness and overwhelm of a fast paced, modern career by simplifying and creating a minimalist mindset in order to become Less Busy and have More Impact.

Through talks, workshops, masterclasses and coaching, I provide the truth behind the busyness alongside the tactics, mindsets and behaviours needed to let go of the busyness and simplify in a world that won't switch off.

Battling an infinite amount of work with productivity hacks is an unfair fight. No matter how we try, there will never be a moment where we are caught up. 


Employees ranked meaningless tasks as the #1 factor keeping them from feeling fulfilled. 


The average knowledge worker spends 60% of their time on duties that add little value. Our lives are cluttered.


Employees are sounding the alarm with overworking estimated to be the cause of more deaths than Malaria. Business as usual is quickly becoming business as UNusual.


This is not just a productivity, time management or efficiency issue, it's also a wellbeing, performance, sustainability and capability issue. Talented people are being asked to do more with less but have never been taught the skills, behaviours or mindsets needed to be sustainably successful in a post covid world.


The world of work is moving on, the clock is ticking and the rules are up for grabs. It's time to simplify.

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