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"Inspiring yet practical, it's a compelling argument to assess life in the context of getting more, by adopting a philosophy of 'simple and less'. A great contribution to the area of personal improvement."

Jamil Qureshi, Premier League Performance Coach & Psychologist

Discovery of Less is the true story about one man's poignant and humorous journey of stepping out of the comfort zone of everyday life and letting go. Of all of it. Through his insightful and refreshing storytelling, Chris Lovett shares details of how he found enriching outcomes of a simpler approach to life and work after decluttering, selling off everything he owned and walking away from the security of a stable career.


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100+ 5 star Reviews

"A smart and witty book, written by a clever and experienced author. Discovery of Less is perfect for the do-over your life needs – full of intention, inspiration, and the value of second chances. It’s not too late to change your approach. You’ll find everything you need in the Discovery of Less. Five Stars!"
Dr Jordan Alexander, Readers' Favorite

“Chris Lovett has articulated something that feels timely and important. I was immediately struck by the resonance of the idea then immediately inspired to respond”
Bruce Daisley, Ex Twitter VP, Bestselling author of The Joy of Work and host of Apple #1 business podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

“Chris has inspired me to take the plunge. Taking my foot off the materialist pedal makes perfect happiness sense. It's the best book I've read this year, and I've read a few!"
Dr Andy Cope, Dr of Happiness & bestselling author of How to be a Well Being

The Music of Discovery of Less

Music weaves it's way through Discovery of Less so for a more immersive experience, take a listen to the playlist along with reading the book. 

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