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Everything you need to know and why coaching could be for you.

It was only when I let go of everything that I realised what I was capable of.

How does it all work?

Generally, via zoom. In person sessions are possible depending on where I am in the UK at the time. We work together to discuss the real things keeping. you attached to your current way of living and working. Everything is done with complete trust and confidence, its a very positive and pleasurable experience. Some have called it rather cathartic.

You tell me what you want to achieve and we'll figure out a way to get you there.

What if I'm not in the UK?

The power of zoom will connect us together. The practices, tools and techniques are universal. You'll put your unique spin on it.

How will I know if I need a coach?

If you're reading this, you've probably already decided.

Maybe you have outgrown the hustle culture and you're ready to progress with a different mindset.


Successful people swear by coaches but there is still a little bit of hesitancy because we still believe we can do everything ourselves. What got you here won't get you there etc...


Plus, it costs money (we'll chat about that as each individual has different circumstances)

It's an investment in you. Potentially, the most important investment is the one you lay down for yourself.


If you are overwhelmed, lacking motivation, need a plan, procrastinate a lot (a pro at crastination), lost your values, always busy (superbusy - crap superhero), feel buried under your stuff, lost sight of a picture of success, wanting to change jobs, always on, struggle to say no, know you can achieve more but not sure how, well, you could probably benefit from working with a coach. 

The visible and hidden costs of not taking action now can be huge. Don't get stuck drifting though life, waiting for things to happen to you. Life is too short to be bogged down by physical, digital or mental clutter.

Ok, but why you?

You can get to know me pretty well in my book Discovery of Less. However if you've not read it yet, heres the highlights.

  • I donated, recycled or sold virtually everything I ever owned, including selling off my home!

  • Basically, I changed my whole view of life and what was important

  • I quit my old job and started a career that I wanted to have.

  • Rather than waste my resources on things that didn't matter, I invested in me.

  • I'm a qualified executive coach with the association for coaching

  • I'm a qualified transformational coach with the international coach federation

  • I'm a qualified career coach through times business school

  • I am certified in systemic team coaching with the academy of executive coaching

  • I've studied minimalism, human behaviour and psychology

  • I simplified my digital life.

  • I unsubscribed from all the mental clutter that held me back.

  • I cleared all my debt.

  • I helped my family declutter.

  • I went travelling (which can in itself be a way better learning experience than any course)

  • I support individuals, teams and organisations be more successful by doing letting go.

  • I overcame emotional attachment to things.

  • I eased myself through the sentiment of stuff.

  • I get it.


Whats in it for me?

Well, ultimately thats up to you but together we can;

  • Rediscover your values and motivation

  • Remove the clutter getting in the way

  • Downsize your digital life and set up new habits

  • Craft your own minimalist mindset

  • See opportunities that were never there before

  • Design your life

  • Change careers

  • Be a better leader

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  • Potentially get your stuff to pay you back!


Life after decluttering, simplifying and unsubscribing from my old way of living and working

  • My annual income is 52% more after adopting a minimalist mindset 

  • I rediscovered my values

  • I save more each month than I ever have

  • I started my own business

  • I wrote a book

  • I've been a guest on dozens of high profile global podcasts

  • I've been asked to write for world renowned business platforms

  • I've seen more of the world in the last 4 years than in the previous 35

  • I've curated a wonderful community of people that help and support me

  • My integrity and resilience has levelled up

  • I spend way less time worrying about what people think of me

  • I've designed a life that works for me


And with a couple of tweaks you can too

Can I make the cost of coaching back?

Yep, and then some. If you want to.

Decluttering my physical items recouped me thousands of pounds.

My new mindset allowed me to the confidence to find new meaningful work that paid me considerably more.

My parents are still recouping thousands by downsizing their life

But the actual mental cost of not doing something, could be expensive to your health, heart and home.

Read some previous client stories...

Ready to have a chat? Book a discovery session and discover that less is progress.

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